The Defenceless Container is an abandoned WWII bunker converted into a site specific installation space on the coast of the Isle of Wight. The space will be used to exhibit engaging artwork and communicate environmental issues.

Artists are commissioned annually to create an artwork that is open to the public during the summer months.

The Defenceless Container will open in July 2016.

This first exhibition aims to raise awareness of overfishing of our seas and promote a change in behaviour to living more sustainably.

You can find The Defenceless Container at these coordinates:


               "Whereas the cell of the White Cube transformed everything placed inside it into art, the banished White Cube was compelled to assert itself as an object of art on hostile ground, not as an enclosed cube but as an open container that exposed its insides defencelessly under the open sky."

M. Brüderlin. (2001) Work on the White Cube. In: C. Doherty (2009) Situation: Documents of Contemporary Art. London: Whitechapel Gallery and MIT Press. pp32.